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Eastern Himalayas Dooars

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Dooars – A beautiful floodplains of the eastern Himalayas forms a gateway to North East India and Bhutan.  Dooars plains usually attract tourists for rich wildlife and tropical forests, hill streams, undulating plains, tea garden and much more. Tourists can get an insight of mesmerizing picturesque of low hills rising up from the rivers. The Dooars Valley stretches from Teesta on west to Sankosh on the east. The Western part of Dooars is called Bengal Dooars whereas the Eastern part is called Assam Dooars. The beauty of this floodplain lies not only in its unending tea gardens but also in the dense jungles, wildlife sanctuaries and national parks. 

Elephant Safari – The Elephant ride can give an insight of the exotic view of grasslands, myriad variety of flora and fauna, one horned Rhinoceros for which Jaldapara is famous for. The best time to go for Elephant Safari is from morning 6 to 8. Wildlife sighting at Gorumara will give you a clear vision of Gaur, Elephants, Rhino, Deer and Birds.

Jeep Safari – Take a glimpse of dense jungle, wildlife sanctuaries, watch towers, bamboo stalks, and green valley by availing the Jeep Safari more commonly known as jungle safari. The experience you will get in the span of jungle safari will be etched in your memory.

Village Life - The Dooars is also home to various tribes like the Totos , Lepchas, Mechs, Koch Rajbongshi, the Tamang, Murmi, Limbu and Nepali. Surrounded by forests, lush green tea gardens, lively rivers and springs the life of these tribes are just like the nature surrounding it - beautiful and enriched by their everyday struggles. 

Dooars is also the gateway to nature`s treasure trove. A minimum of 02 nights at either Jaldapara or Lataguri is required to gain an idea regarding the region and the National Parks. Consisting of Jaldapara National Park, Gorumara National Park, Buxa National Park, Chapramari Wildlife Sanctuary and Mahananda Wildlife sactuary for nature and wildlife and being home to various tribes like the Toto tribe, Lepchas, Mechs, Koch Rajbongshi, the Tamang, Murmi, Limbu and Nepali - this area deserves much closer and detailed attention than usually given.

Jaldapara -  02nights at Jaldapara will enable the traveller to explore the National Park courtesy through either Elephant Safari or a Jeep Safari - that would bring one closer to the nuances of wildlife at its best. The afternoon can be spent exploring the Toto-para , the village of the local indigenous tribe or they can visit the Chilapata forest. 

Lataguri - The Gorumara National Park can again the explored through either Elephant or Jeep Safari. The evening can be spent on the banks of the beautiful river Murti. 

The tea gardens can be explored with a day trip to Samsing and Suntaleykhola. Again a day trip to Jhalong and Bindu - the end point of India with Bhutan on the other side - will prove to be a picturesque drive by the hills.